Júlia Brandão

Detachment of Myself

"Detachment of Myself" was made in collaboration with Paloma Wool.

Having the transformation of the material in mind, I started cutting my own clothes to build my collage pieces. The video was made after Paloma sent me a bunch of leftover/damaged clothes. Filmed in my room, using two types of camera, the video is a record of the process of making a collage. The collage is composed by pieces that were cut while making the video. The soundtrack was made with a mix of voice memos I had in my phone. They were both a mix of records from Brazil and New York.

Thinking of displacement and having the body as a tactile reality, "Detachment of Myself" is a record of my own migratory experience. Having a childhood for which I have always moved, my body has always been in migratory movements. Cutting out the clothes as an act of transformation, I seek to construct a new body of work in such a way that, 'to leave in search of the new', means to abandon it's original format. 

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