Júlia Brandão

Act of Belonging

Act Of Belonging is a piece I've commissioned for Sandro flagship store in Soho, New York.

Sharing a similar life history as the founders of Sandro, we both use our background for inspiration, specifically, I combine colors and textiles in order to construct a personal memento. Using clothing as an inspiration, I chose to format and shape the fabric as if it were sample patterns. While these patterns could become a piece of clothing, in this case, they became an abstract collage. With the idea of transformation and fragmentation in mind, I mix different kinds of needles and techniques to put everything together. Having them attached with uneven and simple stitches, I’m searching to construct irregular paths that lead to a final landscape. Having my moving body and migratory history in mind, it is the matter of "becoming" as well as of "being" in a new place where the “I” can be reinvented.

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